Past Issues

  • Meta's Mega-GDPR-Fine and Data Sovereignty, Ethical E-Commerce and Empowerment
    This issue covers the 1.2B€/$1.3B fine handed down by European authorities to Meta, as well as why this fine could change the way data flows in our world. I also share my recent experience attending the ethical e-commerce summit, which provided inspiration on how to empower small- and medium-sized businesses to approach sustainability, ethical data use and built-in privacy.
  • ChatGPT & GDPR Showdown, AINow Report and Privacy, Privilege & Fraud
    In this issue, you'll learn about the latest updates between GDPR authorities and ChatGPT — including my own experience sending a deletion request. I'll share some highlights from AINow's newest report on power & Big Tech. Following the UK's pension authority's Tweet featuring non-consensual videos of people being taken into custody for alleged "fraud", I'll present the links between privacy, privilege and fraud detection.
  • All your text are belong to ChatGPT
    In this issue, I dive into known privacy and security problems with ChatGPT, including a recent privacy and security incident, an analysis of potential security problems with ChatGPT plugins and musings on how closed training datasets hide unknown risks and ethical implications.
  • Upcoming O'Reilly Book and Building a Privacy-First Newsletter
    This issue announces my upcoming O'Reilly book Practical Data Privacy and explains how I migrated the newsletter to more privacy-first services with much effort and learnings along the way.
  • Justice, Anti-Discrimination Law and AI
    This issue is about racial justice, policing, profiling, machine learning and anti-discrimination law. Rest in Power George Floyd.
  • Election Disinformation and Privacy
    This issue covers fundamental theories of misinformation and how they intersect with privacy in light of the US 2020 election.
  • GDPR, SurveillanceTech, Browser Tracking
    This issue explores the impact of GDPR two years later, how OSINT and US Startups are intersecting as well as a round-up of good research and reads on browser tracking. Enjoy!
  • Welcome: Privacy Shield, Contact Tracing & Adversarial ML
    Welcome to Probably Private! In this issue, we cover the recent privacy shield ruling, debates on contract tracing and its benefits and weaknesses as well as the legality of adversarial machine learning research.